The ice cream that wasn’t…(or, why I’m now cross-eyed.)

Wishing I was out on the water instead of passed out on my couch…

Today I took the exam for my whole health education program.  I’d been putting it off for a while, chalk it up to some test anxiety and being out of practice studying.  Anyway, I finally put on my big girl pants and got it over with.  I’m a pretty good test taker, and the information covered in the exam is stuff I’m really interested in, stuff I WANT to learn about.  So I’m feeling pretty confident about how I did.  But I have to say, being out of school this long, I’m a bit rusty.  It took me 3 hours, and by the time I was done I think my eyes were starting to cross.  God bless the wonderful librarian that put up with my incessant typing for 3 hours straight!  16 pages later, and I was finally done.  I skimmed through the answers, not even able to fully re-read them because my brain was screaming at me.

So, I was going to come home and make this recipe for some amazing chocolate peanut butter ice cream made with coconut milk.  My ice cream bowl has been sitting in the freezer for days in anticipation of making it (it’s been sorely neglected of late).  But now that I’m home, done with my errands and my exam, I’m exhausted.  Mentally and physically drained.  And after writing 16 pages, a lot of which covered the effects of stress on the body and the benefits of relaxation, I’m calling it quits.  Sorry ice cream maker, you’ll have to wait another day.  I plan on parking my tush on the couch and not moving until my husband comes home tonight.

Happy Wednesday.  May your night be as relaxing as mine.


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