Lead Free Bakeware

Le Creuset Baker at Williams Sonoma

I’ll admit, I’ve always had a weak spot for Le Creuset cookware.  I don’t actually own any, mind you, it’s usually outside of my price range.  But that’s about to change, thanks to a Mother’s Day sale going on at Williams’ Sonoma.  Why should you care?  Because Le Creuset is one of the few bakeware lines that does not contain lead in the enamel, and that, my friend, is a huge boost to your wellness efforts!

We all know lead poisoning is bad, we make sure our homes don’t have lead paint and our children’s toys don’t either.  But did you know that most cookware enamels and glazes contain lead?  That could include your everyday dishes, your crockpot, and anything enamel in your kitchen.  Some of the higher end lines, like Le Creuest, do not use any lead in their enamel.  And that’s why I was so excited to see this baker 33% off at Williams’ Sonoma.  It’s still a bit on the higher end of what I would ordinarily want to pay for bakeware, but, its high quality, and I know it’ll last forever.  In case you aren’t familiar, here are some of the health risks of lead, taken straight from the National Institute of Environmental Health Services (a branch of the National Institute of Health):

While extreme lead exposure can cause a variety of neurological disorders such as lack of muscular coordination, convulsions and coma, much lower lead levels have been associated with measurable changes in children’s mental development and behavior. These include hyperactivity; deficits in fine motor function, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time; and lowered performance on intelligence tests. Chronic lead exposure in adults can result in increased blood pressure, decreased fertility, cataracts, nerve disorders, muscle and joint pain, and memory or concentration problems.

While I certainly wouldn’t consider lead the sole culprit in the rising rates of all these symptoms, it’s important to take little steps everywhere we can to reduce our exposure to any toxins or substances that might contribute to the development of disease.  And so, alright, twist my arm, I’ll buy the Le Creuset bakeware!  I’m having a hard time deciding between the red and the blue…what do you think?

(Le Creuset has no idea I exist, and has not given me any incentives to write this post.  Although, if anyone from Le Creuset is reading this, I’d be more than happy to test out any cookware you want to send my way!  Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

This post is part of Monday Mania at the Healthy Home Economist.


2 thoughts on “Lead Free Bakeware

  1. what about the high end French cookware Staub ? Like yourself I have been a fan of Le Creuset for a gazillion years but never bought any until a few years ago when Sur Le Table was discontinuing a color (chestnut) I was actually about the negotiate with the store manager and got 2 pieces of enameled cast iron for almost 70% of the list price. If you want to own them you can, you just need to be diligent and repeatedly pass by your favorite cookware shop until they decide to discontinue carrying a color- and they do ALL the time. Then negotiate with the store manager

    • That is such a great tip, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled. I am not familiar with Staub, are they lead free as well? Thanks for your comments!

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