Trim Down and Tone Up

Can I just start by saying I hate the phrase “losing weight”?  I think half the problem we have with losing weight is in the way we talk about it.  Okay, maybe not half, but a large part.  It’s just so negative…who actually likes losing something?  When I think of losing I think of anxiety, frantic searching, and stress.  Not exactly the kinds of emotions you want to have when talking about trying to improve your health.  So, instead of calling this post Losing Weight, it’s called Trim Down and Tone Up.  Those are much nicer phrases, don’t you think?  Oh, and since it would be totally weird to take random pictures of people working out at the gym or running, I’ve posted this photo of my family acting like superheroes.  You’re welcome guys.

There are LOTS of different ways to lose weight, some are healthy, most are not.  If you’re searching for a method to lose 10 lbs by next week so you can fit into that slinky black dress at the back of your closet, this is not the series for you.  What I’d like to cover is how to trim down extra fat mass, tone up your muscles, and change your health for the long term.  That’s what we all ultimately want, right?  Nobody likes the seesaw dieting, and we all just want to be healthier at the end of the year than we were at the beginning.

If you haven’t already read my post on the five elements, click on over there and catch up on what you missed.  We’re going to cover each of these elements and discuss how they relate to your body composition.

I’d also like to warn you that this subject, perhaps more than any other, is highly individual.  What works for your neighbor down the street who jogs past your house in her hot pink shorts every morning isn’t necessarily going to work for you.  And that’s ok.  She’s got her own set of problems that you don’t know about, and the things that she struggles with may be a walk in the park for you.  So try and resist the urge to compare yourself to others.  It will only leave you frustrated, which will make it that much harder to resist the box of processed junk food you threw in the trash.  You did throw it in the trash, right?

So if you’re ready to stop the crazy dieting, miserable long nights at the gym, and the overwhelming guilt and frustration over trying to lose weight, keep reading.  Feel free to email me any questions over at my new Contact Me page, or to share your input in the comments for us all to learn from.  To make sure you don’t miss any posts, you might want to subscribe via email, facebook, RSS feed, or twitter.  I’m excited about this series, and I hope you are too!

This post is part of Monday Mania at the Healthy Home Economist.


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