Health Coaching

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of health coaching, it’s all about partnering with someone who can help you identify the positive and negative influences in your life, and then help you to increase the positive influences and decrease the negative ones.  It’s a holistic approach that considers the emotional, environmental, nutritional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life.  As a health educator and coach, I can help you with all kinds of issues, from incorporating an exercise routine into your schedule to changing your diet or even helping you navigate through your treatment options for various conditions.  My specialty is helping people transition to a nutrient dense, whole foods based diet that will fit practically into your life.   If you’re a mom who needs to put your child or family on a special diet, a single guy who wants to eat healthy but doesn’t know how to cook, a diabetic trying to control your blood sugar with dietary changes, or simply someone trying to learn about how the food you eat impacts your health, I’ll be here to help you through that process.  If you aren’t sure if health coaching is for you, shoot me an email and we can set up an informational session to help you decide.

In order to keep things simple, I’m offering a health coaching package that combines a phone or skype session with email support.  Each week you’ll have a 30-60 minute phone or skype session, with emails throughout the week so you can check in with any questions or problems you may be having.  Lifestyle changes take time, so the minimum package length is three weeks.  One week’s health coaching is $45, and each additional week can be booked at a reduced rate.  You can contact me through my contact me page, or send me an email at Leah(AT)owningwellness(DOT)com.

Here’s to your wellness!


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