Benefits of a Health Journal

My health journal

Today I’d like to talk about one of my favorite health tools.  No, it isn’t a stethoscope, a supplement, or a piece of exercise equipment.  It’s a health journal, and by keeping one I’ve learned more about my body and its uniqueness than any other tool I’ve used. Continue reading


The Yin and Yang of Disease

Lately I’ve been reading a book that some of you may already be familiar with, it’s called “The Web that Has No Weaver”.  It’s an introduction to understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine and the ways that it looks at diseases differently than Western medicine.  I’m only into the first couple of chapters, but so far, its been quite interesting. Continue reading

The Five Elements of Wellness: An Introduction

You’ve heard of the movie, The Fifth Element, right?  You know, where Bruce Willis runs around with a crazy redhead trying to save the universe? He finally finds all the five elements, lines them up in their proper places, and saves the day in the nick of time.  Well, whether you saw the movie or not, you’re probably familiar with the concept of the five elements; together they form the world around us and create balance.  There’s five elements to wellness too, though, thankfully, no space travel or crazy outfits required. Continue reading