My Recent Experience with Juicing

Ok, I have a confession to make: the last couple weeks I’ve been eating a less than stellar diet.  Between birthday celebrations, dinners with the family, and going out of town, I’ve consumed more gluten and sugar than I like to.  In an effort to give my body a bit of a break, I did some juicing last week. Continue reading


Low Salt Diets for Hypertension: A Good Idea or Bad Advice?

Hypertension is one of the most common health problems in our country.  To some degree, its a normal part of aging.  There are lots of things that can cause hypertension, and for some, a low salt diet may be a good idea.  These include people with heart failure or kidney failure, as their bodies simply can’t pump blood effectively or eliminate excess water and sodium effectively.  But for the vast majority of people who have hypertension, their hearts and kidneys are working fine, yet we still recommend a low salt diet.  Is this a good idea?

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Should you take a multivitamin?

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been great about taking vitamins.  I forget, or, when I do remember, I often do well for a while, but lose momentum when the bottle runs out.  I much prefer to get my nutrition from whole foods that my body knows how to assimilate, rather than depending on synthetic vitamins.  But, lately I’ve been reconsidering this.  No matter how well balanced your diet may be, the fact is that our soils are depleted, our produce is often shipped across the country, and with the increasing number of people with poor digestive health and food intolerances, getting all your micronutrients from food alone can be near impossible.  So what do you do?

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Avoiding the Drive Through: Make Your Own Salad Bar

Creating your own salad bar is a great way to make sure you have lunches for work and the flexibility to throw together a quick meal at home.  It’s easy, and if you get a wide variety of toppings, can be quite filling!  It’s also a great way to cram a lot of veggies into your diet, which can sometimes be challenging if you have a picky spouse or kids that don’t eat a wide variety of vegetables. Continue reading

Adrenal Fatigue: The Importance of Nutrition

A perfect breakfast for adrenal fatigue: 2 pastured eggs cooked in coconut oil topped with sea salt, cultured veggies (carrots, collards, and cabbage), and a big glass of water.

I originally was going to include this information in my post Adrenal Fatigue: What to Do About It, but it got to be so long I thought it deserved its own post.  It never ceases to amaze me how every nutrient we need for health and wellness can be found in creation.  You don’t need a degree in nutrition to know what your body needs!  I wanted to share all of this information with you, so you can take back your own health. Continue reading