Cooking for someone with dietary restrictions, whether its yourself or someone you love, can be a bit of a challenge at first.  Personally, I try very hard to avoid gluten and dairy, as those are the big triggers for both myself and my husband.  It’s easy to pick a few safe recipes and repeat them over and over, but that gets pretty boring after a while.  Here’s a list of some recipes that I’ve found and enjoyed time and again.  (Where dairy is called for in a recipe, I substitute.  For butter, I use either coconut oil or ghee, which doesn’t contain casein.  For milk or cream, I usually stick with coconut milk).  I’ll add to this page as I find more, but please feel free to contribute in the comments section with links of your own.  I know I’d love to hear about your favorite recipes, and I’m sure everyone else could use some new dinner ideas as well.

Main Course

Balsamic Orange Chicken with Rosemary

Chilorio (Pork Carnitas)

Ranch Chicken

Chicken Soup

Fish “en papillote”

Shepherd’s Pie

Make Ahead Meatballs

Make Your Own Salad Bar


Yucca Fries


Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Milkshake

Quinoa Veggie Casserole

Gluten Free Whole Grain Muffins-I add blueberries to mine.

Soaked Oatmeal




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